Reviews for Nadine Hoffenden, President of Everything Nice Home

Marco K.

Nadine is amazing. She is always on time and dependable. She takes excellent care of patients under her care and I cannot recommend her enough.

Cynthia O.

Extremely organized, happy and efficient. Personable and efficient. Very capable.

Barbara W.

Nadine is very responsible, Caring And efficient. She will go above and beyond to help somebody in need.

Edward P.

Nadine took care of both my father and aunt at my home. My father had 3 hip replacement operations with the last 2 as a consequence of rehabilitation facility mistakes causing his replacement to fail. I moved my father to my home in South Florida so that I could oversee his care rather than leave it to the rehabilitation facilities. Nadine was able to help my father with his rehabilitation and did a great job with managing the daily dressing and care of his wounds. His wounds healed quickly and it enhanced his recovery and ability to walk. It was so much better having my father cared for at home than in a healthcare facility. My aunt, my father’s only sibling, came to visit. My aunt stayed with me for two years as it was clear she was in beginning stages of dementia. Nadine took her to doctor appointments, museums, restaurants, and sight seeing which was good therapy for my aunt. Both my father and aunt thought Nadine was wonderful.

100% of Nadine’s clients on found her punctual.
100% of Nadine’s clients on found her dependable.
100% of Nadine’s clients on said they would rehire her.